ObjectVideo Labs develops highly customized video intelligence solutions for its clients. Our commercial software is recognized as a global market leader in providing intelligent video analytics to leading IP Camera and Video Management System manufacturers.


ObjectVideo Labs is a premier global research organization
in the fields of computer vision, geo-location and video analytics.

Where Science Solves Problems

Building on a 15-year history of developing cutting-edge technology, our team of researchers and scientists tackle the toughest problems our government and commercial clients can throw at us.

But we are much more than a typical research house. Our mandate is and always will be to commercialize innovative technologies. We are recognized as a global market leader in providing intelligent video analytics, and our pioneering work yields exciting opportunities for residential and commercial security, business intelligence, process improvement and other customer applications.

ObjectVideo Labs is developing video analytics and computer vision applications at scale on the Alarm.com platform, while also providing advanced research services for the Federal government.  Applying convolutional neural networks and deep learning to identify increasingly complex patterns in video data will create highly dynamic and adaptive artificial intelligence capabilities and continue our leadership position in the development of proactive, next generation video solutions.