ObjectVideo Labs develops highly customized video intelligence solutions for its clients. Our commercial software is recognized as a global market leader in providing intelligent video analytics to leading IP Camera and Video Management System manufacturers.


ObjectVideo Labs is a pioneer in the fields of video analytics and computer vision, with technology that extracts meaning and intelligence from video streams in real-time to enable object tracking, pattern recognition and activity identification.

Computer Vision

ObjectVideo Labs was one of the earliest commercial innovators in the field of Computer Vision. We detect, identify, track, and interpret information from ever-expanding streams of video data, including from hand-held devices, residential and commercial security systems, and vast public IP video deployments.

ObjectVideo Labs’ mobile applications turn smartphones into easy-to-use intelligence gathering devices, providing real-time access to relevant video streams, target metadata and alerts.


ObjectVideo Labs keeps pace with the most recent developments related to geo-location, including the continual generation of geo-registration data from GPS transponders, automatic target hand-off from one asset to another, 3D reconstruction, and query/retrieval.

Map View And Augmented Reality

In this example mobile application, objects and events are identified in a map view and correlated with an augmented view of the mobile device’s camera view.


For airborne vehicles monitoring an area, the geospatial data of objects in that area is frequently imprecise. OVL has developed a variety of approaches to mitigate this imprecision, allowing real-time overlay of GIS data (LIDAR, road networks, compass, etc.).

Maritime Target Tracking

In the following example, a map-based interface monitors maritime objects and displays tracking, geolocation, and velocity data for selected objects. The user may also place rules and view triggered alerts.

Video Analytics

Our analytical framework accommodates ever greater variations in video source placement, simultaneously tracks multiple targets, and effectively manages large volumes of data. We can identify increasingly complex patterns, and display data in intuitive ways to make it easy for users to understand, share and make decisions.

Vehicle Model Identification

License plate recognition is limited in that it only works under certain constrained environments. ObjectVideo Labs vehicle matching algorithms can augment vehicular identification systems by using other classification and identification criteria, such as vehicle shape and size.


Is the storage room being occupied at odd hours?  Is office space being used as efficiently and effectively as possible?  Video analytics can shed light on patterns and anomalies to help drive smart business decisions.

Flow Control

Understanding the flow of people or vehicles through critical access points allows for better management of security and staffing resources.

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ObjectVideo Labs is a premier global research organization in the fields of computer vision, geo-location and video analytics.


Recent publications authored by members of our research team provide additional insight into how we think, and the work we do at ObjectVideo Labs.